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Frequently Asked Questions


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1.) I am not seeing the appointment time that I would like. Is there any other way to book an appointment?

At this time, the only way to book an appointment is online. I am a sole proprietor. My booking "assistant" is my website where you can book appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My entire availability is listed online. I am in the office most days of the week, but I do not take walk in appointments due to the fact that I stay booked and I don’t employ a receptionist. All appointment availability is listed online. I have very limited availability for In home massage services. In home massage appointment inquiries need to be made by email at


2.) I have a gift certificate or voucher that I purchased online. How do I book an online appointment?

Select the appointment time that you would like and select "Pay in Person" to compete the booking. Vouchers and gift certificates that have been purchased online prior to May 2018 are discounted and not the full rate for a session so cannot be used to prepay for sessions online. Bring your voucher or gift certificate with you to your appointment, and your discount will be applied at the time of service.

Gift certificates purchased AFTER May 2018 can be used to prepay for sessions online. 

If you have any difficulty booking an appointment online, you can always email me at, and I will respond as soon as I am physically capable.


3.) How do I know if I have booked an appointment correctly?

You will receive a confirmation email if you have completed the booking process correctly. If you have NOT received a confirmation email, you DO NOT have an appointment. When signing up for your appointment, please, use an email address that you frequently check and use. Make sure that you check your spam folder if you feel like you have completed the booking process correctly and have not received a confirmation email. 


4.) Where is your office located?

The office is located at 7580 Fay Ave Suite 100A, La Jolla, CA 92037. However, when I am in the office, I am performing bodywork and I am not available to answer questions or book appointments. My bodywork practice is by appointment only, and I do not take walk in appointments. Detailed instructions for getting to the office are located in your confirmation email and appointment reminder email. Please print out your confirmation email or use a smart phone to access your confirmation email on the day of your appointment so you can arrive to your appointment on time.


5.) Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment online?

Absolutely! However, canceling or rescheduling must be done more than 24 hours before your appointment. If you are trying to cancel or reschedule after you have received your 24 hour reminder email, the system will not let you as you have entered the 24 hour non-cancellation period. If you need to cancel your appointment within the 24 hour cancelation period, you will lose your voucher or gift certificate value. 


6.) Where do I park the day of my appointment?

Parking is located all along Fay avenue. On beautiful days and during tourist season, parking can be a challenge. However, Fay avenue has ample parking and parking spots frequently become available due to heavy use of businesses along Fay avenue. Plan ahead and prepare accordingly on the day of your appointment. There is one handicapped parking spot directly in front of the building if you need handicap accessible parking.


7.) My voucher is expiring soon. It doesn't look like you have any availability before it expires. What should I do?

I honor expired vouchers. Book the next available appointment online, select "Pay in Person" to complete your booking, and bring your expired voucher with you at the time of service.


8.) I still cant figure it out. What do I do?

You can contact me via text, email, and phone. I answer inquiries in this order. Text and email inquiries are often answered within 24 hours. Phone inquiries are answered within 48 hours. 

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