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Stand By List

Hello Friends! 

I appreciate all of you so much! As my massage business has grown over the years, scheduling challenges have evolved. When I first started my business, I didn’t have enough business. Now, I am getting booked out several weeks in advance! For those of you that can schedule several weeks out into the future, seeing my schedule booked out several weeks isn’t a big problem. For those of you that have complicated work and life schedules, booking several weeks into the future is a big challenge. I have unofficially kept a stand by appointment list for people that are trying to get in on shorter notice. I now have a formal system in place, and it is as follows:

1.) Send a TEXT message before 10 am any Monday to 858-876-8221 with your name and the appointment day and time that you would like to come in for a session. The more flexible you are, the better your chances are for getting a session that week.  You can text any day of the week, but requests made before Monday at 10 am will be first in line on the stand by list.

2.) If you are the first person to text your request, you will receive a text message that you are first in line for a cancellation. If you are after the first person to text your request, you will only receive a text if the first person cannot make it to the cancelled appointment that day.

3.) Getting in for an appointment while on the stand by list is not guaranteed. Cancellations are random and sometimes, don’t happen for weeks.

4.) Stand by list appointment requests are always taken in the order received.

5.) Online bookings and pre-booked appointments are ALWAYS given FIRST priority.

6.) At the end of every business week, the stand by list is restarted for the following business week. 

Any questions about this process will be answered by text at 858-876-8221 at my earliest availability.

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